Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Our success depends on passionate people who want to make a difference in our community. There are many ways to get involved.


STEP 1: Why Volunteer?

STEP 2: Ways to Serve

Consider the following ways you can serve with us at Building Hope Community Life Center.


STEP 3: Volunteer Application

Please click on this link and complete the Volunteer Application. You will be redirected to a secure Google form.

STEP 4: Background Check

When completing the background check, enter the “package code” BU27.  This is found in the top right quadrant of the website. We use Castle Branch and you can access our link here Detailed directions are included on the last page of the volunteer application.

*Once you have completed your background check, please sign up for a Volunteer Orientation using the link below in Step 6.

STEP 5: Volunteer Guidelines

Before your orientation with our staff, please read the Volunteer Guidelines*.

Thank you so much for volunteering at Building Hope. Your willingness to dedicate your time is helping to shape the future for many of the children that you see. You may never know the impact that your words and actions will have in someone’s life.

1. We are closed any time that Pitt County Schools are closed (even for half days). www.pitt.k12.nc.us

2. Dress Code: Please be mindful that we want Building Hope to be a place where our students are not distracted by clothes. If you ever have a question about your outfit, choose something else. Some basic guidelines are:

  1. Make sure that your shirt is not cut too low.
  2. Don’t wear spaghetti strap tank tops (you too guys)
  3. Make sure your shorts are a respectable length or just wear pants.
  4. Avoid pants with holes in inappropriate places.
  5. Avoid shirts with any inappropriate logos, jokes, gestures, etc.
  6. Be conservative.

3. Our computers are not for personal use.

4. Please do not use your cell phone while volunteering!

5. We want you to be able to share your positive experiences with the students. It is important for them to be able to see how you have achieved your goals and overcome challenges. However, please refrain from talking about intimate details of your personal life. Topics to avoid include: Dating, fighting, going out/parties, music/games/movies, tv shows that have adult content, talking about authority figures in a negative way

6. The Building Hope staff member in each classroom is in charge. Please ask them if you have any questions about their classroom.

7. Refrain from physically touching the students in an inappropriate manner. This includes front hugs, sitting in laps, holding students from behind, and grabbing arms. High fives, side hugs with little kids, and handshakes are okay.

8. Teaching Tip: When you are tutoring a student, always let the student hold the pencil. If you are doing the writing, the student is not learning. Even though it takes longer, be patient and let the student do the writing. Try parallel problems if a student is having a hard time.

9. When you are volunteering, your priority is to interact with the students. If you are outside playing, make sure that you are playing with the students and not talking in a group of adults.

10. Sign in on the volunteer notebook every time you volunteer.

11. Please use our online volunteer calendar to sign up for the days you will be volunteering. Access this through our website under the “How to Help”/ “Volunteer” page. Choose the appropriate volunteer calendar (3rd Street/9th Street Elementary/9th Street Young Men/Pactolus) and sign up for the days you plan to volunteer. If you can’t come on the days you plan to volunteer, please call the center 252-757-1840.

Thank you again for giving your time. It is greatly appreciated!

Building Hope Staff

*You may download and print a copy of the guidelines here.

STEP 6: Volunteer Orientation

Please complete the On-Site Volunteer Orientation sign up here.

STEP 7: Volunteer Signup

Once you have completed the volunteer application and volunteer orientation, the volunteer calendar will be shared with you. Please use our volunteer calendar to let us know when you will be able to volunteer.

If you need more information about volunteering contact, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at alycia@buildinghopenc.org or call 252-757-1927 for more information.