Building Hope has teamed up on a project with United Way that teaches young men how to document what is important in their lives. Each high school boy received a digital camera and a basic photography class. Then they were told to take pictures of things that are important to them in their lives. Each week they turn in their pictures with an explanation of a couple of featured pictures and why those pictures are important to them. At the end of April, the pictures will be set up in a gallery at 3rd Street School where the boys will present them to the public.

Reflection is such an amazing thing. When we take the time to look at our lives, to take stock of what is important and why it is important, it is amazing what we can find. Looking through the lens of a camera to really evaluate what they find as a priority in their lives has been a challenge, but has been a fantastic learning experience.

We want to take the time to highlight a couple of students a week, so that you can see what they are learning.


Kenny Butcher

Kenny is 17 and a junior at Rose High School.  He plays varsity football at Rose, loves to play the drums and go to church.  Life hasn’t been easy for Kenny.  His father has been in prison and his mom died of cancer.  He currently lives with his Grandmother.  Since coming to Building Hope in the 8th grade, we have seen him grow in his walk with Christ.  Kenny carries himself well and can talk to anyone.  He is one of our older boys who takes the time to mentor the younger boys in Men of Standard.  The picture he featured this week is a picture of a mural at Rose.

rose mural

This mural expresses the artistic talents that the students at Rose have. I like it because I like to draw different things like this mural. There’s always some kind of artistic talent someone has. It took more than one person to paint this mural, it takes fellowship.


Ziaquam Whitley

Ziaquam, affectionately known as “Bear,” is 18 and a junior at Rose High School. He began playing varsity football in the 9th grade. Since coming to Building Hope during his 6th grade year, we have seen significant changes in his work ethic, his leadership skills, and his willingness to serve. He takes his role as one of the primary leaders of the young men at Men of Standard very seriously. His maturity in Christ has led him to take ownership of his relationship with God and share it with his peers. He has a compassionate heart and wants to be a fireman. The picture he choose to feature this week is a picture of his football locker at school.

football locker

Each year I’ve seen myself grow and become a better football player.  Sports got me out there so people will know me.

Everyone is different and should find the hobby or passion that takes them forward.