Men of Standard

Building Hope Community Life Center Men of Standard

These young men participate in physical training, mental toughness, academic tutoring, and work skills development to become young men of excellence in every area of their lives.

Building Hope through Men of Standard

300 Men of Standard (MOS) is an intensive mentoring and job skills development program for young men 10 and up.

The group meets after school and on every odd Friday (1st and 3rd) for meals and manhood messages focused on a clear vision of manhood—to reject passivity, to accept responsibility, to lead courageously, and to finish the course.  The ultimate goal is to create a cohort of 300 young men, targeted because of academic and social risk factors, who commit to a code of conduct that includes academic, social, and physical standards.  Through producing this unit of social equity and high personal standards, we serve those youth most in danger of dropping out and develop their life skills as future leaders, priests, protectors, and providers for their family.  For more information, contact Atlas Kelly at