Business Development


This fundamental mission can be best summed in the phrase – “Touching Lives, Teaching Skills and Transforming Communities” As a faith-based organization, the core of touching lives revolves around the gospel being taught and modeled. We teach life skills, job skills and provide the academic support needed to graduate from high school. Over time, as hearts are changed and skills are gained – communities are transformed. However, we believe that developing skills and transforming communities can have a more visible and tangible meaning – through business development.


We believe our kids and their parents have talents and gifts that need discovery and development. For a select few, this could result in the launching of small businesses that serve as a vehicle for job and wealth creation as a funding source for Building Hope.

For over four years we have operated the Recycle Bike shop out of Building Hope, but believe the time is nearing to launch it as its own profit –making entity. The Business Development Team if formed could be instrumental in making it truly successful. Last summer our young ladies developed an idea for a coffee house called “The Spot”.

The ladies routinely asked if the coffee house could become real.  With the proper oversight, the potential is there.

As mentioned, we have Recycle operating currently and the Spot in the idea phase. We desire to continue to develop the creative arts with our young ladies via a music studio. There is a local community group interested in starting a studio for local worship bands to be able to record and sell their music. This may be an avenue to partner, for the benefit of our young ladies and local worship groups.

These are just some of the ideas and dreams that could be cultivated over time to truly touch lives, teach skills and transform communities.